Never Need to Leave Your Home

It is coming to a point where everything you need can be brought right to your home. People work from home, shop, and are entertained without ever walking out their front door. You can get a complete education from elementary school straight through a masters degree from your computer. need an after school activity? There are drum lessons and guitar lessons to expand your horizon. Whew, long day. Need an easy meal after sitting at your terminal studying? Just call GrubHub, and have food from your favorite restaurant delivered to you.

working from home

As technology is supposed to be making peoples’ lives easier, it’s actually making us more isolated and miserable. I have witnessed friends at a party who are barely paying attention to the people around them. They are fixated on the phones. Always afraid to miss the latest gossip and/or news. There are things going on in the world that have nothing to do with them, but they feel they must stay entrenched in the story. They would rather be at home with the digital world, than with real people.

virtual reality

So, if you look the average life of a person and how they develop, you see that the new norm for society is headed for a bad spill. I myself work from home, and there are days when I never leave the house. I couldn’t even tell you what the weather was like. One good side effect of this is that if we ever venture out into space, we will be used to constantly living in confined spaces, and working from one area.

Don’t get me wrong. There are still plenty of people who enjoy the great outdoors and the abundance that life has to offer, but the majority are spending more time in virtual worlds of one form or another. While the idea of never having to leave your home might sound convenient for some, it does have it’s drawbacks.

5 Most Important Scientific Discoveries of 2017

5 Most Important Scientific Discoveries of 2017

Science continually strives to explain the world around us and to make our lives that much easier.  2017 saw some amazing discoveries.  Here are the 5 most important scientific discoveries of 2017.

  1.  A Spinach leaf was transformed into acceptable human heart tissue
    A team of specialists used detergent to strip down a green spinach leaf. When the leaf was completely stripped what they had was a cellulose matrix that bore a striking resemblance to the vascular structure of the human heart. The scientist took cardiac muscle cells and they seeded them onto the spinach leaf. After a five day period, the spinach leaf began to have beating cells on it.  Here is a closer look at the process.

  1. Fetal Lambs were kept alive inside an artificial womb.
    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has scientists who have been successful at creating an artificial womb that sustained the life of a fetal lamb. This breakthrough may be used to save premature babies. The artificial womb was created with a plastic bag that the scientists put synthetic amniotic fluid into. They attached a machine outside of the bag to attach to the umbilical cord just like the natural mother’s placenta should attach. The placenta delivered oxygen and necessary nutrients to the fetal lamb and the fetal lamb then continued to grow and develop as it would have a natural mother. This is promising to us all.
  2. An exoplanet was discovered by Harvard’s MEarth Project.
    This exoplanet has the most promising opportunity for us to find possible alien life. The planet is roughly forty light years away from earth and the scientists think this planet may have water on its surface. Water is one of the key life-sustaining elements that we know of. The planet is also temperate and the surface area is said to be rocky. In the future, we may just be able to prove that there is life out there other than our own.
  3. Regenerative medicine may have found a breakthrough that will help them to create an artificial human tissue that can be grown in a lab.
    This tissue would possibly offer patients with nerve damage or patients with missing limbs or patients who needed transplants to have an enhanced possibility of life. The tissue growing knowledge would help more people to be cured of what is now life-threatening and life-altering conditions.
  4. A CRISPR trial to edit genes inside the human body and eliminate diseases like HPV had an amazing breakthrough in 2017.
    The trial applies a gel to women who have the active HPV virus. That gel contains DNA coding that can tell the virus to stop growing and multiplying. This could be a cure for many diseases that we currently battle as humans. The the success of this trial may eradicate certain cancers and other diseases that are now ending lives far too soon.
5 Medical Discoveries that Sound Like Science Fiction

5 Medical Discoveries that Sound Like Science Fiction

Most of us have seen the sci-fi movies, where physicians are replaced by robots, and the movies where virtually no illness can’t be fixed. However, what most of us might not know – is how advanced modern medicine has become. Here we have found some of the most impressive medical breakthroughs that we have heard of – so far!

The Bionic Eye

Aerosmith once sang about a blind man, who taught them how to see. However – this time, the shoe is on the other foot. The bionic eye is basically a camera that is attached to your eye. The camera itself is located in a pair of sunglasses – and what the camera sees, you see. It’s important to realize that this technology isn’t perfect yet – but that doesn’t make it any bit less astonishing!

The Robot Doctor

The Robot Doctor” is an excellent gift to all of us, who aren’t all that comfortable around doctors. What this robot can do, is administer a small amount of sedative. This makes it possible to get sedated for lesser procedures, where sedatives are usually not offered due to the extra cost of the procedure.

The Precision-guided Cancer treatment

Modern medicine has some pretty strong weapons against cancer already. However, some of these weapons are also tough on humans. With this procedure that comes in pill-form, it’s possible to much more precisely target the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells in peace. Consider it a guided missile for cancer!

The Anesthesiologist’s iPad

Ever wondered who’s keeping you alive while undergoing surgery? Yep – the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist is responsible for putting you under, and making sure that you wake back up. Now, that might be a bit of a stressful responsibility. So, we are kind of excited that they’re now getting some well-deserved backup, with their own little piece of kit, which makes their work a lot easier.

The Cancer Gene Fingerprint

Imagine if you could know early on, which kind of cancer treatment would best suit a patient. With this gene fingerprint, doctors could quickly figure out which type of treatment will work – or if the patient needs clinical trials, potentially saving precious time – not to mention – save lives.

There has been a lot more amazing medical breakthroughs throughout our time, and these 5 are just the top of the iceberg. There are plenty more to choose from, and we hope for a lot more in the future. Who knows – perhaps in the future we can cure cancer, by merely pushing a button?