Bring Your Website into the 21st Century

By using a company that does motion graphics in Singapore, I’ve brought many websites into the 21st century. You would be amazed at how many very successful companies are still using sites that look like something that lumbered out of the 1990s. I’ve seen the most hideous websites you can imagine and the company actually has an IT department filled with brilliant and creative people! How can this happen? In many cases, the people running the department or the company are older and they still don’t think much about the internet. Mostly it’s because they simply don’t understand technology.

When someone finally decides to make a change, that is when they bring me in to fix the problem. I’m a consultant, although I consider myself more of a website troubleshooter. I come in, look at their site, and then make the changes necessary to improve it.Read More

Great Way to Save Money

I am so happy I found a transport company in Singapore who could help us out of a real jam that I simply must write about the experience so that others in a similar situation will know who to turn to in order to find a great transportation company. I’m a school administrator in the city and we recently ran into a huge problems right when we planned to transport several busloads of kids across the city for an important field trip. The transportation we lined up pulled a no show and that really left us in the lurch.

Suddenly I found myself with about one hundred children standing around and no way to get them across the city.Read More