An Unaligned Spine and a Solution

Sacramento chiropractors came in very handy when I decided to have someone take a look at my back, specifically my spinal column. I don’t remember when I noticed that my spine started cracking like crazy, but it just dawned on me one day that my back pops and crackles a lot. It happens every time I get up and it’s worse in the morning after I wake up. Everyone has the occasional popping noise if they stretch, but I was getting it all the time even when I wasn’t stretching. I decided to seek some help to see if I needed treatment.

I went in to see my general practitioner and his diagnosis was to not worry because it was probably associated with aging. Fair enough, but that didn’t stop the popping. I wasn’t in any great pain, although I worried that if the noises continued that it could lead to a condition that could cause an immense amount of pain. Back problems are no laughing matter. My father had a bad back for most of his life and he suffered through it, but it really decreased his quality of life. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me.

The chiropractor I went to see took a look and immediately recognized a spinal column that was out of alignment. He said this type of problem happens a lot and isn’t always indicative of more serious problems. Sometimes you have pain with it, but oftentimes it just causes the noises I was experiencing. He did some some sharp pushing and I could feel the spinal column shift. It kind of freaked me out, but sure enough the noises went away. So if you’ve got a noisy spine, it’s best to have a chiropractor take a look and fix the issue before it develops into something painful.