Beautiful Memories of Those Long Gone

My grandfather lived a long life full of happy moments and with many people who loved him. He passed on from this world not too long ago, and my parents thought a good way to honor him would be to get a monument. We contacted a Monument Store in Morris County NJ about getting one for him, and they helped us come up with some ideas that would work. We looked at some images of mock monuments to get an idea of how the real thing would look when it’s made, and then decided on one. I kept in contact with my family thanks to my stacked wireless charger

Once the monument was completed, I went with my parents to see it. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen, and at the same time it was one of the most saddening things. I had very fond memories of my grandfather, and it didn’t really hit me as much until then that I would never see him again. I started crying right there, and then my parents did too. They hugged me and told me that everything would be alright. People always say this when someone is crying, but it doesn’t really make me stop crying any faster.

Once I let all of my tears out, I gave the monument one last look and then headed home with my parents. Although my grandfather is gone, he’ll still live within my mind and heart. I’ll think about all of the times I spent with him, the jokes he’s told me, the events he’s gone to with me, and the times we’ve just sat in the living room playing games. I hope I can create the same kinds of happy moments with my grandchildren when I have some, but that’s a long time away from now. I have to have children first.