Bring Your Website into the 21st Century

By using a company that does motion graphics in Singapore, I’ve brought many websites into the 21st century. You would be amazed at how many very successful companies are still using sites that look like something that lumbered out of the 1990s. I’ve seen the most hideous websites you can imagine and the company actually has an IT department filled with brilliant and creative people! How can this happen? In many cases, the people running the department or the company are older and they still don’t think much about the internet. Mostly it’s because they simply don’t understand technology.

When someone finally decides to make a change, that is when they bring me in to fix the problem. I’m a consultant, although I consider myself more of a website troubleshooter. I come in, look at their site, and then make the changes necessary to improve it. Most of the underlying coding I can do myself, but I have a company on call that I use to do the animation and graphics. They do such a great job that I wouldn’t even think of trying to do it myself. They do great work and they always know just what it takes to make the site look beautiful.

I used to go with a different company, but quickly ran into a problem you see on up to date websites: too many graphics. Too many graphics and animations can be just as problematic as no interactive animations. These guys always went over the top and the sites became too confusing for older people to use. The company I use now knows restraint and how to use just the right mix to make sure using the site is a smooth experience for everyone from a teenager to a senior citizen. I’ll be using these guys for years to come.