Great Way to Save Money

I am so happy I found a transport company in Singapore who could help us out of a real jam that I simply must write about the experience so that others in a similar situation will know who to turn to in order to find a great transportation company. I’m a school administrator in the city and we recently ran into a huge problems right when we planned to transport several busloads of kids across the city for an important field trip. The transportation we lined up pulled a no show and that really left us in the lurch.

Suddenly I found myself with about one hundred children standing around and no way to get them across the city. I thought about calling in parents to help out, but all of them are at their jobs working and that solution just wasn’t going to work out. Of course, the teachers had their vehicles, but we didn’t have enough of them to get everybody across the city in time to take part in the activities. What a mess! Fortunately, I went online and looked up charter bus services and quickly found a company willing to help us out at short notice.

They really delivered. I have to say I chuckled when we got on the buses because these buses are about as nice of a way to travel as you can imagine. They’re not some utilitarian vehicle, but rather very sleek and modern vehicles that are far nicer than any bus I’ve ever been on. The kids loved that they were going through the city in style and behaved better because of it. We got everyone to the event on time and the field trip came off with a minimum of fuss and bother. I’d definitely hire these guys again. They are total professionals.