How to Choose Vacuum Cleaner Accessories You Need

Here's what you might need
1. Your vacuum cleaner probably uses filters, so you'll want to make sure that you have enough, and the right sort for your brand and model.
2. If your cleaner uses bags, then you can almost guarantee that if you haven't got any spare bags, you'll need them. Why not keep a pack of bags - your brand and model, genuine or compatible
3. A longer hose can mean that you don't have to move your vacuum cleaner as much. If you're cleaning a whole house, or an office, being able to clean without needing to stop, can be time saving.
4. If you're struggling to get to those hard to reach places then an extension wand or tube can be extremely useful. What about when you need to clean the ceiling, or the curtains? You might need to think about where you will store it if it won't live on your cleaner.
5. Having the right sort of brushes to clean your floors is essential, and so you'll want brushes that are able to clean your floor carpets, your stairs and your car floors. Will you need hard bristles to get out dirt, or want something more delicate on your carpets?
6. By having upholstery brushes and other vacuum cleaner accessories that you use only on your furniture, as opposed to a floor brush, you can ensure that you don't transfer direct from your floor to where you sit.
7. You'll definitely want a decent pet hair brush if you have pets, or there's someone with an allergy in your family. This sort of brush will help to clean up more hairs and so leave your floors and furniture cleaner.
8. A crevice tool that is long enough and narrow enough to get into dark corners, will be ideal for cleaning skirting boards, or to vacuum those other areas that you just can't do properly with a brush.
9. Fitting a replacement power cable that is longer than your existing cable will allow you to clean more of the room or house, before having to move the vacuum to a different plug socket.
10. A nice little touch might be to get a air freshener for your cleaner. This will help you make your rooms smell nice. You won't want a fragrance that is too overpowering though. Some rooms might be better suited to the aroma than others. Your teenage children might thank you for making their rooms smell nice!
Now you know what sorts of things are available to make cleaning your home easier, what vacuum cleaner accessories do you need?