I Just Got to San Jose

It was a really long trip down here from Portland OR, although a lot of that had to do with that I ran into a good deal of highway construction and one bad wreck when I was going through the area around the state line. Right now I am sort of regretting my decision to do the move myself. The money that I saved on that seems destined to end up in the pocket of a chiropractor in San Jose. I have been having back problems off and on for about ten or so years, so it was not much of a surprise when I began to really feel some serious discomfort. In fact I did not notice it until I tried to get out of the bed the next morning. It was a good thing I did not have to start my new job yet, because I would have certainly been late.

I have a really good truck, and a fifth wheel hitch, so I rented a trailer of the sort you would normally need a semi tractor to tow. I discarded some of my stuff and I talked this out of work friend of mine into helping me. I basically put him on salary for a week, because I figured that it was going to save me money. I knew he was not the most help that money could buy, but I figured that he was the best that I could do without hiring some random guy out of a parking lot. He started drinking beer as soon as we got to Oakland, although he never got drunk. Still that did not improve his effectiveness at moving the heavy stuff that I needed him to help with. At any rate I probably should have hired some guy to help him out of the Home Depot parking lot as it turned out.