I Need to Take Care of Some Important Things

When the director from the assisted living home where my mom is living called me last week to say that it was time to put my mother in hospice and that I should make funeral arrangements, I was devastated. I also knew nothing about how to handle the arrangements. The last thing I needed to do to handle it all was to contact a monuments dealer in Essex County NJ to pick out a headstone. I wanted to think long and hard about what to put on it, so I gathered all of the pricing info and told them I would call them back after I had made up my mind. I can’t believe that I will soon lose my mother.

I have heard many times from people who live in other countries that it is common for families overseas to stay close together. Parents and children see each other often. Here, in my country, it is very common for parents to want their children to move out as soon as they are 18 years old or as soon as they graduate from college. Careers for the adult children are pushed, and it is important for the hildren to leave the state and move across the country if that is what it takes to get hired for a top-notch job.

Mom and I have spoken over the years and we both regret that I live so far from her. I just did what everyone else did when it comes to finding the best job in another state. Once I found a wife in my new state, she had no interest in moving closer to mom. I tried to visit my mother as often as I could, and it broke my heart every time I had to leave to fly back home. So, I’ve decided to call the monument company and ask them to write “In my heart on every day of my life” on her headstone.