More Than Pest Control Available

I had only heard of pest control before. I knew that there would people that you could hire to come to your house and get rid of things like snakes, mice, and rats. I had never heard that you could hire someone who would come and do Canada geese control in New Jersey where I live. My daughter was at dance class and I was talking to the other moms who were also waiting for their kids and we were talking about mice. A lot of people have found a mouse in their house but they do not talk about it because they see it as a sign of not being clean. I think that anyone who did find a rodent in their house might think this way because we think that rats are where it is unclean and they like to live in the trash. Mice are much smaller and they are found in the country and fields more than rats. Rats seem to be more populated in areas where there are a lot of people and not a lot of extra open spaces.

I had a problem with geese coming into my yard and they were pooping all over the place. I didn’t think that birds would be such a problem, but during their migration they fly past our house going North for the summer and they often stop in large fields. My yard is a large field and it attracts them like a moth to a flame. I could not believe the mess they left and the smell, and the black waste all over my green lawn. It took me many years of taking care of my grass to get it in the way that I was finally happy with it. I am very happy that is over.