My Wife Wanted the Trees Gone

I admit that I can be a bit of a procrastinator. I wanted to get some trees cut down when I bought my property nearly a dozen years ago, but I just never got around to it. I kept putting it off, but I knew last year that it was time to finally get it taken care of. I contacted a Suffolk County tree removal company because they give free estimates. I wanted to see what it was going to cost me to have the half dozen trees chopped down. I knew that it would make my property look a lot better, or at least that is what my wife has told me.

Truth be told, if she hadn’t lit that fire under me last year, those trees would probably still be there. She wanted to use that part of the yard for the flower gardens she was planning. She never had time before, but she was able to retire early. Now that she had time on her hand, it meant I had to get serious about my honey-do list. The trees were the first thing on the list, and I was pleased with the estimate that I was given by the tree service.

I thought I would end up paying a lot more to have them cut down, and I think one of the reasons the price was so low is because there are absolutely no obstacles in getting to the trees. There are no outbuildings or wires near them either, which made the job a lot easier for them too. They came in one morning, and by early afternoon, they were completely done. Not only were the trees and stumps gone, but there was no evidence that the tree service had even been there. That is how good they cleaned up their mess. That made my wife very happy, which made me happy too!