5 Medical Discoveries that Sound Like Science Fiction

5 Medical Discoveries that Sound Like Science Fiction

Most of us have seen the sci-fi movies, where physicians are replaced by robots, and the movies where virtually no illness can’t be fixed. However, what most of us might not know – is how advanced modern medicine has become. Here we have found some of the most impressive medical breakthroughs that we have heard of – so far!

The Bionic Eye

Aerosmith once sang about a blind man, who taught them how to see. However – this time, the shoe is on the other foot. The bionic eye is basically a camera that is attached to your eye. The camera itself is located in a pair of sunglasses – and what the camera sees, you see. It’s important to realize that this technology isn’t perfect yet – but that doesn’t make it any bit less astonishing!

The Robot Doctor

The Robot Doctor” is an excellent gift to all of us, who aren’t all that comfortable around doctors. What this robot can do, is administer a small amount of sedative. This makes it possible to get sedated for lesser procedures, where sedatives are usually not offered due to the extra cost of the procedure.

The Precision-guided Cancer treatment

Modern medicine has some pretty strong weapons against cancer already. However, some of these weapons are also tough on humans. With this procedure that comes in pill-form, it’s possible to much more precisely target the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells in peace. Consider it a guided missile for cancer!

The Anesthesiologist’s iPad

Ever wondered who’s keeping you alive while undergoing surgery? Yep – the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist is responsible for putting you under, and making sure that you wake back up. Now, that might be a bit of a stressful responsibility. So, we are kind of excited that they’re now getting some well-deserved backup, with their own little piece of kit, which makes their work a lot easier.

The Cancer Gene Fingerprint

Imagine if you could know early on, which kind of cancer treatment would best suit a patient. With this gene fingerprint, doctors could quickly figure out which type of treatment will work – or if the patient needs clinical trials, potentially saving precious time – not to mention – save lives.

There has been a lot more amazing medical breakthroughs throughout our time, and these 5 are just the top of the iceberg. There are plenty more to choose from, and we hope for a lot more in the future. Who knows – perhaps in the future we can cure cancer, by merely pushing a button?