The Shower Doors Were Leaking

My son told me that the door on his shower was leaking, and I put it on my to do list to check into. In the meantime, I told him to just use the main shower. The nice thing about our house is that we do have four bathrooms so if something like this happens, it is not a complete emergency. I knew that I had to get it fixed though so a few days later I did an online search for shower doors in Queens NY. I had already taken a look at the doors and saw that the seals were completely broken on them.

Rather than try to fix it myself, I just decided to order new shower doors for him. I could have went to one of the home improvement centers and picked up doors myself, but I honestly just did not want to mess with it. I knew there were companies out there that had professionals who would take care of it for me, so I just left it at that. I did carefully consider my options though and made sure I chose a good company to come out and handle the issue.

When I called, I was able to get an appointment for that same week. I didn’t mind my son using my shower or one of the others, but I knew he would rather use the one in his own bathroom. I can’t really blame him for that! The shower door professional came out and showed me the different options I had for doors. Since it was my son’s bathroom, I just let him pick out the new doors that he wanted, knowing that I could trust his opinion. The entire process from the phone call to the new shower doors installed did not take long at all, and he is back in his own bathroom taking his showers now.