This House Will Need Some Work

Of course I was fully aware of this when I bought the place and much of my motive in buying the place was that I knew I could do much of what needed to be done myself. It is going to take a good deal of time and what I need to start out with is to hire a person or company that does tree removal in Nassau county. They have a couple of dangerous trees above this house and I am not keen on having a tree fall upon my head while I am working. It is obviously more likely that it would fall on the house or perhaps on my truck. I move around when I am there, but those things are going to be sitting still. Obviously if I think about it I am going to park my truck in a safe place, but the entire driveway is under threat from these two trees. In fact that is going to cost me quite a bit, but I know enough about dropping trees to know that you need someone who can do it right.

In this case there just is not much room to maneuver. These trees are directly on my side of the property line and the neighbor’s house is hugging the line. Then there are utility lines and so forth, which means that when that tree falls it almost has to hit something that you would not like for it to hit. The only way to do it right is to climb it and take it down one piece at a time. That has it’s own drawback, because when a chunk of wood falls from this height it is going to leave a big hole in the ground where it hits. They usually try to build up limbs for them to land upon.