Wheelchair Accessibility is Very Important

I was spending time with my cousin last night and we started to talk about his wheel chair. He was born without the use of both legs but that has never slowed him down, in fact I think it makes him feel like he has a lot to do before he can’t move anymore with his arms. I think that he likes to look at new chairs from Polifisio so that he could find things that he likes. He said that not all the buildings that he goes into have an accessible ramp and that many buildings get out of having one because they are historical and putting in a ramp would somehow change the way that people looked at the building. I could not believe that this was the case because I have always seen things about the Americans with Disabilities Act. I think that it is great that we have the ability to speak with different people to find out the truth of the laws.

We called the people who work for the government with the ADA and we talked about the things that we could do in order to talk to companies that have not yet had anything done to the front of their buildings. I thought that it was great when there were people who said that they wanted to be the ones that could help volunteer and write and make calls to have his work building upgraded with a ramp. He has to go in the back door where all the delivers are made and I think that kind of makes him feel like he is not worthy of having anything good and that really makes me feel sad for him because he is a great guy and he deserves only good things to happen to him.